Old Cottage With Modern Extension - Revamping the Old

Matt Keane
January 25, 2023

Revamping old homes is a popular way to bring old charm with modern comfort and luxury.  There are plenty of options for restoring a classic old cottage with modern extensions. This blog post looks at how old cottages can be updated with modern amenities and design elements while keeping their old-world charm.

From adding a secondary extension to the old cottage to blending old and new styles in the interior decor, there are plenty of ways to make old houses feel like brand-new homes. By the end of this blog, you'll be inspired to transform your old cottage into something exceptional.  Let's get started!

How to revamp old cottages – Secondary Extension

Adding a secondary extension to old cottages is the most common way of revamping old houses. This adds more space for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other home areas. It also provides an opportunity to add modern amenities like air conditioning or a pool. Here are some tips for getting started with a secondary extension for old cottages:

  • Choose an appropriate design for the extension to ensure it blends with the old one.
  • Invest in high-quality materials that are both aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting.
  • Take care of all the necessary permits and inspections.
  • Hire a professional contractor to get the job done right.

By following these tips, you’ll enjoy more living space and improved value for your old cottage.

Adding Modern Amenities – Upgrading old cottages with modern technology

Upgrading cottages can improve the overall living experience of your place and make it more comfortable. Adding modern amenities is another way of revamping old cottages. This can include anything from installing an energy-efficient HVAC system to updating old windows with energy-efficient glass. Here are some tips for getting started:

  • Invest in a professional inspector to help identify old features that need to be replaced.
  • Look for energy-efficient options such as LED lighting or solar panelling.
  • Choose modern materials that are both aesthetically appealing and built to last.
  • Research local building codes to ensure the renovation is compliant with regulations.
  • Work with an experienced contractor to ensure the job is done correctly.

By following these tips, you’ll be able to enjoy the modern amenities of your old cottage.

Blending old and new styles in the interior decor

The interior decor of old cottages can be transformed by adding modern elements and blending old and new styles. This will create an inviting space that is both cosy and stylish. Here are some tips for blending old and new styles in the interior decor of old cottages:

  • Incorporate antique elements like old furniture, fabrics and accessories.
  • Add modern elements like artwork, lighting fixtures and window treatments.
  • Choose a neutral colour palette with pops of colour for a modern and inviting look.
  • Mix old and new fabrics in upholstery and draperies to create an eclectic style.
  • Mix old and new furniture pieces from different eras for a unique look.

By following these tips, your old cottage will have a unique and inviting style that will stand out from the crowd.

Benefits of Revamping old cottages

Old cottages with modern extensions provide not only comfort and luxury but also offer various other benefits, including;

Create more living space

Adding a secondary extension to the old cottage allows for extra bedrooms, bathrooms, and other home areas to be added.

Increase the value of your home

Revamping old cottages adds aesthetic appeal and modern amenities, making them worth more in the market.

Make old cottages eco-friendly

Insulation and energy-efficient appliances can be added to old cottages for more efficient energy use.

Upgrade old features

Revamping old cottages allows old features to be upgraded with modern designs.

Create a unique style

Blending old and new styles in the interior decor of old cottages can create a truly unique look and feel for your old house.


Old cottages have a charm and old-world feel that can be difficult to replicate. Revamping old cottages with modern extensions, amenities and interior decor can make them more functional, efficient, and inviting. With simple tips, old cottages can be transformed into inspiring spaces with old-world charm and modern amenities. So why wait? Transform your old cottage today and start enjoying the comfort and convenience of a modern home.

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