How Much Should You Spend on a Bathroom Remodel?

Matt Keane
February 12, 2024

Are you looking at your old bathroom and dreaming of a refreshing makeover? Everyone wants a perfect place to relax after a long day. But the big question often is, 'how much should I really spend on a bathroom makeover?' It's common to see fancy bathrooms in magazines and on TV and think you need to spend a lot to get that relaxing spa atmosphere.

We understand; it's a common thought for many. With the average cost in Ireland of around €12,000 for major bathroom renovations, figuring out what fits your budget can be as challenging as choosing between luxurious marble or simple ceramic tiles.

Don't worry! After thorough research and understanding all the details, we're here to offer easy-to-follow advice. This article will help you understand the costs without causing financial worry. We'll talk about everything from basic updates to wise extra touches that make your investment count.

We're ready to show you how much you should spend to transform your bathroom into your dream space without financial trouble. Are you ready for some smart budgeting tips? Let's get started!

Factors Affecting Bathroom Remodel Cost

The cost of a bathroom remodel can vary depending on several factors, such as the size and type of the bathroom, worktops, doors, flooring, lighting, cabinetry, plumbing fixtures, and more.

Each of these elements can contribute to the overall cost of your renovation project.

Bathroom size and type

Bathroom size and type matter a lot when we plan to remodel. A small bathroom will cost less than a big one, and the type of bathroom—whether it's an en-suite or main bath—changes what we'll spend too.

For example, in Ireland, if you've got a small space and want to update it, you might look at spending from €2,500 up to €4,000. But for those who dream big with luxury touches, be ready to invest more.

Choosing the right updates for our bathrooms can make all the difference. We need smart choices that fit our budget but also give us that fresh feel we're after. So let's think about what type of bathroom we have now and where we want it to go.

This way, we keep control over costs while creating a lovely new space!


When choosing worktops for your bathroom remodel, consider factors like durability, maintenance, and style. The average cost of worktops for a bathroom remodel can range from €150 to €400 per square foot, depending on the material chosen.

Options like granite or marble may be more expensive, but they offer long-term durability and an elegant look. Alternatively, laminate or tile worktops are more budget-friendly choices while still providing versatility in design.

It's essential to balance cost with quality when selecting worktop materials to ensure they meet your needs and fit within your overall budget. By exploring different options and considering both the aesthetic appeal and practicality of various worktop materials, you can find a suitable choice that enhances the overall look and functionality of your renovated bathroom.

Doors and windows

When planning a bathroom remodel, it's important to consider the cost of doors and windows. The type and quality of materials used for these fixtures can impact your overall budget.

On average, homeowners in Ireland can expect to spend between €500 and €1,000 on new doors and windows as part of their bathroom renovation project. However, this cost can vary depending on factors such as size, material, and style preferences.

It’s essential to shop around for competitive prices from reputable suppliers before making a decision. By considering energy-efficient options or taking advantage of package deals that include doors and windows, you may be able to reduce costs without compromising on quality.

Additionally, seeking professional advice on suitable materials based on your specific needs can help ensure that you make informed choices within your budget constraints. With proper planning and consideration of cost-effective options available in the market today, Irish homeowners can successfully manage the expenses associated with upgrading doors and windows during their bathroom remodel project.


When considering the flooring for your bathroom remodel, it's essential to factor in both cost and functionality. The average cost of installing new bathroom flooring can vary from €250 to €750, depending on the material chosen and the size of the space.

Tiles are a popular option because they are durable and water-resistant, with an average installation cost of around €20 per square foot. Vinyl is another budget-friendly choice, costing approximately €10 per square foot to install.

It's important to select flooring that can withstand moisture and frequent cleaning while staying within your budget.

Bathroom renovation package deals often include discounted rates for flooring materials and installation, providing an opportunity to save money without compromising quality. Opting for affordable yet durable options such as ceramic or porcelain tiles can help keep costs in check while ensuring a stylish finish.

Lighting and ventilation

When considering your bathroom remodel, it's important to think about the lighting and ventilation. Good lighting can make a small bathroom feel bigger, and proper ventilation is essential for preventing mould and mildew.

You can upgrade the lighting fixtures with energy-efficient LED lights that not only brighten up the space but also help save on electricity bills. Additionally, consider installing a vent fan to improve air circulation in the bathroom, which can prevent moisture buildup.

Properly functioning ventilation can also extend the lifespan of your fixtures and keep your bathroom looking fresh for longer.


When considering a bathroom remodel, it's important to factor in the cost of cabinetry. The price of new cabinets can vary but typically falls within a range of €300 to €8,000, with an average cost of around €4,000 for mid-range options.

It's essential to look for durable materials and consider if you need custom or off-the-shelf cabinetry to fit your budget and style preferences. Additionally, keep in mind that opting for preassembled cabinets may help save on installation costs as well.

The type and quality of cabinetry you choose will significantly impact the overall budget for your bathroom remodel. Therefore, take time to research different cabinet options and consider seeking out special package deals offered by suppliers or looking for alternative cost-effective solutions while prioritising durability and functionality.

Plumbing fixtures

When planning a bathroom remodel, it's essential to consider the cost of plumbing fixtures. On average, homeowners can expect to spend around 14–20% of their budget on plumbing fixtures like basins, toilets, and baths or showers.

Additionally, taking into account the wide range of options available in Ireland, from basic setups to luxury transformations, considering both affordability and quality is crucial.

Budgeting for plumbing fixtures should also include the costs of installation and any additional features, such as water-saving mechanisms or energy-efficient options. With this in mind, researching package deals and exploring various cost-saving measures will help homeowners find the best-fit options for their budget while ensuring a functional and aesthetically pleasing bathroom update.

Wet area

After considering the plumbing fixtures for your bathroom, it's important to look at the wet area. This includes the basins, toilets, baths, and showers in your bathroom. The type and quality of these items can greatly affect your overall remodelling costs.

For example, luxurious showerheads and high-end bathtubs may increase expenses. On average, homeowners can expect to spend anywhere from €2,500–€4,000 for a basic setup to a luxury transformation of their wet area.

To save on costs, consider exploring different options available that fit within your budget range without compromising quality.


When considering a bathroom remodel, it's important to factor in the cost of basins. The type and quality of basin you choose can impact your overall budget significantly. Basic pedestal sinks may cost around €100–€300, while more stylish and functional options like vanity units or countertop basins could range from €200–€800.

It's essential to weigh these options against your budget and preferences, ensuring that you find the balance between style, functionality, and cost for your bathroom remodel.

The choice of basins is crucial in determining the overall look and feel of your bathroom. In addition to the basin unit itself, other costs such as installation, plumbing fixtures, and accessories need to be considered in your budgeting process.


When considering a bathroom remodel, the cost of new toilets can vary from €100 to €800, depending on the type and features. It's important to allocate a portion of your budget for this essential fixture, as it can contribute significantly to the overall look and functionality of your bathroom.

Opting for water-efficient models not only helps conserve resources but also reduces long-term water bills. Additionally, it's worth exploring package deals or discounts offered by suppliers, which could help you save some money on this necessary item.

Another significant consideration is investing in professional installation to ensure that your chosen toilet is correctly fitted without any issues down the line. As Irish homeowners, we should aim to strike a balance between upfront costs and long-term benefits when choosing toilets for our bathroom remodels.

Baths and showers

When considering a bathroom remodel, baths and showers are essential fixtures to plan for. Average costs for installing or replacing a bathtub can range from €350 to €3,000, depending on the type of tub and the complexity of the installation.

shower installation or replacement generally falls within a similar cost range of around €800 to €2,500. Factors such as materials chosen, plumbing requirements, and additional features will influence the overall cost.

In Ireland, you might find that opting for a more budget-friendly bathtub or shower enclosure doesn't necessarily mean compromising on quality. With careful planning and consideration of your needs, you can achieve an attractive and functional bath or shower setup that fits within your budget.

Wallpaper and paint

When considering wallpaper and paint for your bathroom remodel, it's important to choose moisture-resistant options, especially for the wet areas. Look for specifically designed bathroom wallpapers and paints that can withstand the humidity levels in a bathroom.

These types of products are formulated to prevent mould and mildew growth, ensuring longevity and durability in a high-moisture environment. By investing in quality moisture-resistant wallpaper and paint, you can maintain a fresh and vibrant look in your bathroom while avoiding potential issues with peeling or discoloration due to moisture exposure.

Bathroom Remodel vs. Renovation

bathroom remodel involves changing the structure or layout of your existing bathroom. This can include moving plumbing fixtures, replacing walls, and making significant changes to the overall design.

On the other hand, a bathroom renovation usually means updating what you already have without making any major structural alterations. It focuses on improving the appearance and functionality of your current space without changing its fundamental layout.

Both a remodel and a renovation come with their own set of costs. A remodel typically tends to be more expensive because it involves more extensive work, such as rewiring, re-plumbing, or changing the layout entirely, which requires more labour and materials.

Renovations are generally less costly as they involve updating existing features rather than completely overhauling the space. When planning your project, consider whether you want to make substantial changes to your bathroom's layout (remodel) or simply update what’s already there (renovation), keeping in mind how these decisions may impact your budget.

How to Budget for a Bathroom Remodel

Determine your budget, prioritise needs and wants, shop around for materials and labour, and factor in unexpected costs. Ready to learn more about how to make the most of your bathroom remodelling budget? Keep reading!

Determine your budget

To start the budgeting process, we first need to determine how much we're willing to spend on our bathroom remodel. Based on research, a rule of thumb suggests allocating around 30 to 40% of the total budget for installation costs.

Considering that the average cost of a bathroom remodel can range from €79.8 to €285 per square foot, it's crucial to calculate the overall expenses based on your specific preferences and requirements.

By setting a clear budget from the outset, we can effectively prioritise needs and wants, ensuring that every penny is maximised towards achieving our dream bathroom within our financial means.

Prioritise your needs and wants

When planning your bathroom remodel, it's important to prioritise your needs and wants. Consider what aspects of your current bathroom are most in need of improvement and make those a priority.

For example, if you have outdated plumbing fixtures or inefficient lighting, these might be higher priorities than purely aesthetic changes like new wallpaper or paint. By focusing on the most essential upgrades first, you can ensure that your budget is allocated to the elements that will have the greatest impact on both functionality and aesthetics.

Once you've identified your priorities, you can allocate a larger portion of your budget to those key areas while still leaving room for some optional upgrades. This approach allows you to achieve a balance between addressing necessary improvements and incorporating some of the more desirable features within a reasonable budget.

Shop around for materials and labour

When it comes to a bathroom remodel, we need to be smart about where we buy our materials and who we hire for the work. Researching different suppliers and getting multiple quotes from contractors can save us money.

Showrooms often have promotions or discounts on items like tiles, fittings, and fixtures that can lower our overall costs. It's also important to find reputable tradespeople who offer quality work at a fair price.

By comparing options, we can ensure that we get the best value for our budget.

We aim to be savvy with our spending without compromising on quality when it comes to purchasing materials and hiring labour for our bathroom remodel. Our research will help us find affordable deals while maintaining high standards in both product quality and workmanship.

Factor in unexpected costs

As we shop around for materials and labour, it's crucial to remember to factor in unexpected costs when budgeting for a bathroom remodel. Unforeseen expenses can arise during the renovation process, such as plumbing issuesstructural repairs, or hidden water damage.

It's wise to allocate a contingency fund of around 10–20% of your total budget to cover any unforeseen circumstances that may crop up during the remodel. By preparing for these unexpected costs in advance, you can ensure that your project stays on track and within your financial means.

It's essential not only to focus on the upfront costs but also to consider potential unforeseen expenditures that might occur throughout the remodeling process. Allocating a contingency fund ahead of time can help mitigate any financial strain caused by unexpected complications or additional work required during the renovation.

Tips for Saving on a Bathroom Remodel

Here are the main tips to save on a bathroom remodel:

Utilise existing plumbing

When remodelling your bathroom, consider utilising existing plumbing to save on costs. Reusing the current plumbing layout can significantly decrease overall expenses by eliminating the need for extensive reinstallation.

This approach not only conserves budget but also minimises the project's timeline since there is no requirement for major alterations to the plumbing system. By leveraging the existing plumbing, you can allocate your resources towards other essential elements of your bathroom remodel, such as high-quality fixtures or attractive finishing touches.

Moving forward with our discussion of cost-saving strategies, let's explore how seeking professional opinions can further assist in maximising savings and ensuring a successful bathroom renovation within budget.

Ask for professional opinions

When considering a bathroom remodel, it's wise to seek professional opinions from bathroom remodeling contractors near you. They can provide valuable insights into cost-effective upgrades and offer suggestions on materials and fixtures that fit your budget.

Professional opinions can help you make informed decisions, ensuring that the bathroom renovation cost stays within your desired range while still achieving the look and functionality you want.

With their expertise, you can explore different pricing options and find affordable bathroom makeover ideas specific to your space.

It's essential to consult with experienced professionals who understand the local market trends in Ireland. They can guide you on budget-friendly alternatives for plumbing fixtures, cabinetry, tiling options, and other aspects of the renovation process.

Consider tiling options

When thinking about bathroom tiling options, it's important to consider the impact on your budget. Tiling can range from affordable ceramic tiles to more expensive natural stone options.

Opting for larger tiles can reduce installation costs, and choosing a simple layout can also save money. Additionally, look out for discounts and deals in showrooms, which could help you find high-quality tiles at a lower cost.

When considering tiling options, keep in mind that the type of tile and the size of the area to be tiled will affect your final cost. It's worth exploring various materials and designs to strike a balance between aesthetic appeal and cost-effectiveness.

Visit showrooms for discounts and deals

When considering tiling options, visiting showrooms for discounts and deals can be a smart way to save money on your bathroom remodel. Many showrooms offer package deals and special promotions that can help you get high-quality materials at a lower cost.

By exploring different showrooms, you may find exclusive discounts on tiles, fixtures, and other essentials for your bathroom renovation project. Taking the time to visit various showrooms can present opportunities for significant savings on your remodelling expenses.

Moreover, many showrooms also have knowledgeable staff who can provide professional opinions and guidance regarding cost-effective solutions for your bathroom remodel. They may offer valuable insights into budget-friendly alternatives without compromising on quality or style.

In Our Opinon 

Understanding the factors that affect bathroom remodeling costs is crucial. By carefully considering your budget and prioritising your needs, you can effectively plan a practical and efficient bathroom remodel.

Implementing cost-saving tips and exploring package deals can lead to significant improvements within your budget. For further guidance on managing bathroom renovation expenses, professionals or showrooms like BuildTech can offer valuable insights.

Remember, with thorough research, smart choices, and the assistance of experts like BuildTech, achieving an affordable yet stylish bathroom update is well within reach. Don't hesitate to reach out to BuildTech for personalised advice and solutions tailored to your specific renovation needs.

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