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In need of extra space? House extensions in Balbriggan can be the perfect solution to accommodate your growing needs. Contact us via call or complete the form on our website to start your home transformation journey today!

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Why Choose BuildTech for Design and Build services in Balbriggan?

Professionalism and experience

For over 20 years, we've been honing our craft, mastering the art of delivering high-quality house extensions in Balbriggan. Every project we undertake is a testament to our commitment to superior workmanship and customer satisfaction.

Bespoke designs

We specialise in drawing plans for house extensions that seamlessly blend with your existing structure and match your unique style and requirements. Our creative team works closely with you to ensure your vision comes to life.

Sustainable building practises

As advocates for environmentally friendly construction, we excel at creating modular house extensions in Ireland. Our prefab extensions minimise construction waste and offer exceptional energy efficiency.

Craftsmanship in timber

Our artisans take great pride in delivering stunning timber house extensions that radiate warmth and charm. Our expertise with this versatile, natural material guarantees a stylish and durable addition to your home.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that cost can be a concern when considering home extensions. Therefore, we ensure to provide competitive prices while maintaining the quality of our work. With us, you get exceptional value for your investment.

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Professional & Experienced Design and Build in Balbriggan

Finding a competent, trustworthy team for your house extension project can feel overwhelming. But with BuildTech, you can rest easy knowing you're in capable hands. We specialise in a variety of services, offering:

  • Expert consultation for house extension planning
  • Professional drawing up of plans
  • Efficient project management
  • High-quality construction and finish
  • Exceptional after-service

Our Comprehensive Services

In addition to house extensions, BuildTech offers a range of specialised services to cater to diverse construction needs:

Loft Conversions

Make the most of your unused attic space by converting it into an additional bedroom, office, or playroom. Our loft conversions are designed to maximise space and functionality.

Home Renovations

From kitchen makeovers to full-scale home renovations, we breathe new life into your spaces. Our skilled team ensures a seamless transition from old to new.

New Builds

Dreaming of a custom home? We offer end-to-end services for new builds, ensuring that your new home is built to your specifications with the quality and craftsmanship you deserve.

Commercial Construction

We extend our expertise to commercial projects, building functional and visually appealing spaces that enhance your business’s image and operations.

Sustainable Building Solutions

Invest in the future with our eco-friendly building practises, incorporating energy-efficient designs and materials that reduce your carbon footprint and operational costs.

Our Process

Initial Consultation

Our process begins with a thorough consultation to understand your needs, style preferences, and budget. This step ensures we align with your vision and can provide a tailored service.

Design Phase

Here, we put our creativity to work. We help design an extension for your house that not only meets your needs but also enhances your property's aesthetic appeal and value.

Planning and Approval

With a robust plan, we navigate the regulatory maze for you, obtaining necessary permits and meeting all planning requirements in Balbriggan.

Construction and Completion

Our team swings into action once the design is approved. We employ the best building practises to ensure your house extension is completed on time and to the highest standards.

Contact BuildTech For a Customised Consultation For Your Project

Transform your vision into reality with BuildTech, Dublin’s reputed residential building contractors. Quality, timely delivery, and budget-friendly – that’s our promise.

Benefits of House Extensions

Increased Property Value

One of the most immediate benefits of adding an extension to your house is the significant increase in your property's market value. Prospective buyers often look for extra space when house-hunting.

Additional Space

As families grow, space can become limited. Extensions provide that much-needed extra space, be it for a new bedroom, office, or entertainment area.


Moving to a new house can be significantly more expensive than adding an extension. Save on costs associated with moving, such as agent fees, stamp duty, and removal expenses.


Extend your home to meet your unique needs and lifestyle. Whether it's a sunroom to bask in during the summer or a home gym, the choices are limitless.

Improved Lifestyle

A well-planned house extension can improve your living conditions and overall quality of life. It can give you the space and functionality you've always desired.

Making the Most of Your House Extension

Plan Ahead

Ensure that you have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. This will help you make informed decisions and keep your project on track.

Set a Budget

Know your financial limits and ensure you stick to them. Remember to factor in some extra for any unforeseen expenses.

Consider Natural Light

Integrate large windows or skylights in your design to maximize natural light. It can make the space feel more open and larger.

Functionality is Key

Prioritise the functionality of the space. Think about your current and future needs.

Stay Updated

Regularly communicate with your design and construction team. Being in the loop ensures that any issues or changes are addressed promptly.

Think Green

Consider incorporating sustainable building techniques and materials. It's not just good for the planet, but can also save you money in the long run.

Reviews From Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a 40-square-metre extension?

A 40-square-metre extension is 2.5 times the size of a typical sitting room in a semi-detached home, which is approximately 15 square metres. This provides significant space to incorporate new living areas, bedrooms, or even an extended kitchen-diner.

How much does a 40-square-metre extension cost in Balbriggan?

The cost of extension is €2,500 to €3,000 per square metre, While prices vary based on design complexity and materials. Further to calculate the accurate 40-square-metre extension in Balbriggan contact us.

What is the cheapest way to extend a house?

The most cost-effective way to extend a house usually involves opting for a single-storey extension and using affordable yet durable materials.

How long does building an extension in Balbriggan take?

The timeline for building an extension can vary depending on the project size and complexity, but typically, it can take 10-12 weeks.

Ready to Extend Your Home in Balbriggan?

Ready to step into your dream space? With BuildTech, house extensions in Balbriggan have never been easier or more stress-free. Fill out the contact form on our website and expect a response within 2-4 hours. For urgent enquiries, feel free to call us directly. Your dream space awaits!

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