Full Internal Renovation and Energy Upgrades on 5 bed detached house in Dublin 15

Full Internal Renovation and Energy Upgrades

BuildTech recently completed an extensive full internal renovation and energy upgrade project on a 5-bedroom detached house in Dublin 15. The comprehensive makeover included the installation of cutting-edge wall and attic insulation to enhance energy efficiency. A state-of-the-art kitchen and three modern bathrooms were designed and built, incorporating the latest in style and functionality. The project also featured the addition of a high-efficiency heat pump and solar PV panels, further reducing the home's carbon footprint and energy costs.

New windows and doors were fitted throughout the property to improve insulation and security, while a new porch and conservatory were added to enhance the home's aesthetic appeal and living space. Skylights were installed to increase natural light, and a balcony was constructed to provide outdoor space with views. The interior was completely refreshed with new wall finishes and floor coverings, and the entire home was repainted to give it a contemporary and inviting look.

BuildTech's commitment to quality and attention to detail ensured that the project was completed to the highest standards, transforming the property into a modern, energy-efficient, and stylish family home.