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Planning to extend or renovate your house? Our high-qualified structural engineers will analyze the strength, stability, and integrity of your home’s structure.  We provide a comprehensive structural report with recommendations for any necessary repairs or improvements.

When it comes to your home, don’t take any chances – trust the help of structural engineering service in Dublin. We’ll work with you every step of the way to make sure your project is a success.

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Buildtech’s team includes a huge array of experience from, project management, site management, property and rental compliance


We have qualifications within our team including MSc Energy Management, BSc Construction Management, Building Energy Rating, Multiple trades including carpentry, plumbing and electrical.


We are members of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB), world’s largest and most influential professional body for construction management and leadership.

When Do You Need Structural Engineering Services?

If you are considering a major renovation or remodelling project for your home, you may need to hire a structural design engineer. He can help ensure that your plans are safe and meet all building codes. They can also help you design a structure that is strong and stable. If you are planning to build a new home, or if you are considering a significant addition, you will need to work with an engineer.

Some smaller projects may not require the services of a structural engineer. For example, if you are simply adding a deck or porch to your home, you may not need to hire one.

structural engineering service

However, if you are planning any significant changes to your home’s structure, you will need to consult with a structural engineer. Call 086 858 5674 to know more about this service. You can also contact us for:

  • Project Management 
  • House Insulation
  • House Extension
  • House Renovation
  • Deep Retrofits


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How to Find a Structural Engineer in Ireland?

If you are planning on having a major renovation or construction project done on your home, you will likely need to hire a structural engineer. He is a professional who is qualified to assess the stability of a building or other structure and recommend repairs or modifications. If you are unsure whether you need him, contact your local building department and ask for advice.

There are several ways to find a qualified structural engineer consultant. One of the best ways is to ask friends, family, or neighbours for referrals. Another option is to search online or in the Yellow Pages. Once you have a few names, it is important to check each engineer’s qualifications and experience.

When meeting with a prospective structure design engineer, ask about their experience with projects similar to yours. It is also essential to ask for references and to see examples of their work. Once you have selected an engineer, get everything in writing before work begins.

Benefits of Hiring a Structural Design Engineering Services

  1. Peace of mind- knowing your structure is safe and sound.
  2. Avoid costly repairs and disasters in the future by having a professional check your work.
  3. Expertise in many fields related to structural engineering service– from design to restoration.
  4. Fast, accurate service with minimal disruption to your everyday life.
  5. Cost-effective solutions for any budget

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How Much Does a Structural Engineer Cost in Ireland?

structural engineering service

A structural engineering service typically costs depend on their experience and qualifications. Some firms may offer a lower hourly rate, but this may be for a junior engineer with less experience. More extensive projects or more complex work may incur a higher cost. Many engineers will offer a free initial consultation to discuss your project and estimate the likely costs.

Engaging a structural engineer is typically 1.5% to 2% of the overall project cost in Ireland. For example, for a €1 million construction project, the fee for the structural design engineering services would be between €3,000 and €9,000.

If you are planning a construction project, it is essential to engage the services of engineers. They will be able to assess the stability of the proposed structure and advise on the best way to build it. This is especially important for larger projects or those that are complex. The engineer will also be able to produce drawings and calculations that the building control department will require.

Hire Structural Consultants at BuildTech

Structural engineering consultants can help ensure that your construction or renovation project is safe and up to code. Costs for their services will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, but you can expect to pay around €5,000 for their expertise. If you’re not sure whether hiring them is worth the investment, ask them for a consultation; they’ll be able to assess your project and let you know what steps need to be taken to make it structurally sound.

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FAQs About Structural Design Engineers in Dublin

When should you contact a structural engineer?

There are a few key moments when getting in touch with an engineer might be necessary. If you are buying or renovating a property and have concerns about its stability – your engineer can check the building’s foundations and advise on any necessary repairs. Another common time to call in an engineer is during renovations when they can help ensure that new elements like extensions or loft conversions are safely integrated into the existing structure. Engineers may be called in to offer emergency support in some cases, such as after a natural disaster.

What is the difference between a structural engineer and a surveyor?

A structural engineer is someone who designs and oversees the construction of buildings, while a surveyor is someone who measures land and assesses its value.

Do I need a structural engineering service for my extension?

It depends on the size and scope of the project. It may be necessary to ensure that the extension does not put too much stress on the existing structure, mainly if it is not simple addition. However, if you are doing simple addition or are working with an experienced contractor, you may not need this service. Talk to your building contractor about your specific situation to better understand what is required.

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