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Dreaming of a house extension in Howth but feeling constrained by your current living space? Don't let a lack of space stifle your lifestyle. Call BuildTech or fill out a contact form on our website to transform your dreams into reality.

Why Choose BuildTech for Design and Build Services in Howth?

Professional Expertise

With over a decade of industry experience, we have the skills and knowledge to handle any house extension project. Our team works closely with you, considering your specific needs and budget, to create a design plan that aligns with your vision.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our dedication to delivering the highest-quality results is uncompromising. We use premium materials and the latest building techniques, ensuring your house extension stands the test of time and enhances your property's aesthetic appeal.

Compliance with Regulations

We understand the importance of adhering to local construction codes and regulations. Our experts handle all the necessary paperwork and ensure that your house extension project in Howth aligns with the required standards.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in providing value for money. Our pricing structure is clear, competitive, and contains no hidden charges. We offer cost estimates upfront to keep you informed throughout the process.

Customer Satisfaction

At BuildTech, customer satisfaction is paramount. We strive to exceed our clients' expectations, from drawing plans for house extensions to delivering the final project. Your satisfaction is our measure of success.

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Professional & Experienced Design and Build Company in Howth

Your house is not just a building; it's your home - the centre of your family's life. The last thing you need is an extension that’s substandard. Experts should handle such an investment.

Our services include:

  • Drawing plans for house extensions
  • Modular house extensions
  • Timber house extensions
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Full project management

Our Comprehensive Services

In addition to house extensions, BuildTech is proud to offer a wide range of specialised services to cater to every aspect of your home improvement needs.

Bespoke Kitchen Design

We tailor-make kitchens that not only meet your functional needs but also reflect your personal style. From layout planning to appliance selection, our team ensures every detail is perfect.

Bathroom Renovations

Our skilled team breathes new life into outdated bathrooms, transforming them into luxurious, modern spaces. We handle everything from tiling and plumbing to lighting and fixture installation.

Landscape Design

We believe that a beautiful home extends beyond the walls of your house. Our landscape design services create stunning outdoor spaces that complement your home and provide a serene environment for relaxation.

Loft Conversions

Make the most of your home's unused spaces with our loft conversion services. Whether you need an extra bedroom, a home office, or a playroom, we can turn your loft into a functional and inviting space.


A conservatory is a fantastic way to add extra living space and bring natural light into your home. Our team designs and builds conservatories that seamlessly blend with your existing structure and enhance your home's aesthetics.

Our Process


At BuildTech, the process begins with an in-depth consultation. We assess your current space, listen to your ideas, and discuss your needs. This initial stage is crucial in laying the foundation for a house extension that reflects your vision and enhances your lifestyle.

Design and Planning

Our team of architects and designers works closely with you to create a bespoke design. This stage involves drawing plans for house extensions, selecting materials, and ensuring that everything is in accordance with local regulations.


Utilising cutting-edge technology and techniques, our construction team ensures that your house extension is built to the highest standards. Whether it’s a modular house extension or a traditional build, we guarantee quality and efficiency.

Finishing Touches

The final phase is all about attention to detail. Our team works diligently on the interior and exterior finishes, ensuring that your new space is not only functional but also truly beautiful.

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Tips for Planning Your House Extension

Making the decision to extend your home is exciting, but it's essential to approach the process with careful planning and consideration. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your house extension:

Determine the Purpose

Before starting, identify the primary reason for the extension. Whether it's a bigger kitchen, an additional bedroom, or a home office, being clear about your needs will help guide the design process.

Set a Budget

Establish a realistic budget early on. Consider all possible costs, from construction materials to furnishings. Remember to keep a contingency fund for unexpected expenses.

Seek Inspiration

Look for designs online, in magazines, or even in neighbouring homes. This will help you visualise your desired outcome and provide your design team with a clearer brief.

Consider Natural Light

Think about the positioning of windows and doors to maximise natural light. Skylights or larger windows can make a room feel more spacious and inviting.

Plan for the Future

Ensure that your extension is flexible enough to cater to your changing needs. For instance, an extra room that serves as a nursery today might become an office in the future.

Stay Informed

Stay involved throughout the construction process. Regular check-ins with your builder ensure that you're always in the loop and can address any concerns promptly.

How House Extensions Add Value?

Extending your home isn't just about gaining extra space; it's also a strategic move that can significantly increase the value of your property. Here's how:

Increased Square Footage

Simply put, larger homes tend to have higher valuations. An extension can add significant square footage, making your property more appealing to potential buyers.

Modern Features

House extensions often come with modern amenities and features that older sections of the home may lack. This can enhance the overall appeal of the property.


A well-designed extension can offer versatility, catering to various needs. For example, a multi-purpose room can appeal to diverse potential buyers.

Improved Layout and Flow

Extensions can be used to rectify design flaws or improve the layout of an older property, making it more functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Outdoor Integration

Modern extensions often focus on integrating indoor and outdoor spaces, such as with sliding doors leading to a garden. This integration can make a property more attractive and increase its market value.

Energy Efficiency

New construction usually incorporates energy-efficient materials and designs. An energy-efficient extension not only reduces utility bills but can also be a selling point for eco-conscious buyers.

Reviews From Happy Customers

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is a 40-square-metre extension?

A 40-square-metre extension is typically large enough to include a substantial kitchen, dining area, or a couple of smaller rooms. In Howth, this is the maximum size you can build without planning permission, provided you meet other requirements.

How much does a 40-square-metre extension cost in Howth?

The cost of a 40-square-metre extension in Howth generally ranges between €60,000 and €80,000. However, the final cost can vary depending on the materials used, the complexity of the design, and other factors.

What size extension can I build without planning permission in Howth?

In Howth, you can build an extension of up to 40 square metres without seeking planning permission. However, other regulations regarding height, distance from the boundary, etc. must be adhered to.

How much does a 2-storey extension cost in Howth?

The cost of a 2-storey extension in Howth generally falls between €1,500 and €3,000+ per square metre. The final price is contingent upon factors such as design complexity, chosen materials, and other considerations.

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